What's holding your start-up back?

Clark Dever is an internationally-recognized serial entrepreneur who has mentored hundreds of founders and secured millions of dollars in funding.


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I’m Clark. With more than a decade of experience building high growth technology start-ups, I have the tools, expertise, and global connections to take your business concept from pre-seed to early-stage growth in just three months.
I have had the opportunity to work with Clark on numerous occasions. His ability to understand your situation, ask powerful questions, articulate your competitive advantage, and then give prudent advice as to the next steps or connect you with other resources and people that can help is unmatched. His genuine nature and authentic interest in you make every interaction meaningful. It is always a pleasure to work with and share time with Clark.
Tripp Higgins
Principal at Six Points Consulting
Mentorship From Someone Who’s Been There

Why trust me to help grow your business?

Custom IT services and solutions built specifically for your business

Been there, lived it.

I’ve built start-up after start-up, so I know what it’s like to be in your shoes. I understand the challenges you’re facing as a founder.

A network of people smarter than me.

I recently made 1,000 intros in 18 months. My global network spans several continents and industries, and it’s yours to tap into if we work together.

Proficient in what investors are looking for.

Cash is king, and to turn your Pre-seed pipe dream into your everyday reality, you need funds. Having secured $10 million+ in funding, I’m aware of what investors are looking for, and will make sure your pitch follows suit.

Approachability & militant optimism.

I stand by the phrase, “The only way out is through.” Being a founder constitutes unprecedented resilience, I’m here to help you build that.


Know your audience. Ensure your budding brand is optimally positioned to the right market.


Between my expansive network of product experts and my background in product management, we’ll perfect your product offering.


We’ll use market data to find your “Goldilocks” pricing strategy. Just right.


Everything we touch in your business plan will be backed by a strategy that you can carry with you going forward.

Nervous about taking the leap?

Don’t be, that’s what I’m here for. You bring the willingness to hustle, I’ll supply the knowledgebase. You can pull a “how-to guide” to pitching from any venture capitalist on Google, but I’m here to help you hone in your narrative with all of the pertinent data that’s guaranteed to close sales.


Together we’ll build a roadmap for your venture, and optimize your strategy, positioning, pricing, and product as we develop your pitch and level up your game.



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