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Day 3 – New York, New York – The Queens Gambit!

Since I last posted, we went to this great taco joint called “Fresh Taco”, who evidently are so good that a competitor stole their name.  The place was staffed entirely with chinese people, not a native spanish speaker anywhere behind the counter.

We spent the evening drinking $4 Beers with Free Pizza at Alligator Lounge in Brooklyn. We hung out on the subway and interacted with hipsters.

In the morning, we headed in to Manhattan and had a delicious breakfast sandwich on an “Everything Bagel” at Bagel and Shmear (E. 28th St.).  Our next destination was the Museum of Sex (233 5th Ave) which was unfortunately, much less debaucherous than we had hoped.  The gift store is honestly the most riske part of the establishment, most of the other exhibits were kind of clinical and dry.  Although there was one display entitled “Mallard Duck Homosexual Necrophelia” which was funny, outlandish, and included a video (Also an excellent band name).

After the Museum of Sex we continued down 5th Ave towards the park.  I snapped some photos of New York City tourist staples and we visited a few gift shops to take photos of things that we would never buy.

When we arrived at Central Park South, we strolled around and people watched for a while.  Then my technolust got the better of me.  I busted out c:geo on my android and we found this sneaky geocache after a solid 20 minutes of searching.

On our way back to our host’s place in Ridgewood, we stopped at Five Guys (36 W. 48th) and grabbed a totally rocking Jalapeño, Mushroom, Lettuce, Barbecue Burger – complete with french fries made from locally sourced potatoes.

After dinner we ran in to the first problem of the trip.  In an effort to catch a train, we ran down the stairs and jumped on board before we realized it was the wrong line.  Four stops later we realized our error and had to make the return trip to get back to the M line.  This detour put us about 45 minutes off of our schedule.

Luckily, we leveraged the technology at our disposal and were able to check-in to our flight via the mobile web and find a car service to pick us up as soon as we got back home.  Our flight was scheduled to depart at 7:50pm bound for Denver, our car service arrived at 7:00pm – the traffic gods smiled upon us and we made it from Queens to JFK in about 22 minutes flat.  However, when we arrived to print out tickets at the Kiosk our reservation had been cancelled since we were inside of 90 minutes of our flight when we confirmed them (oops). We ran across the terminal and cut the line, then I quickly sweet talked an agent in to calling the gate and giving us our boarding passes.  We hustled our way through security and sprinted across T5 just in time to board the plane.

We were rewarded for our efforts with a 45 minute wait on the tarmac due to high winds.  We arrived in Denver about and hour late.  Our host (and Architectural Photographer) Richard Douglas picked us up at the airport and brought us to his house in Golden, CO to crash for the evening.

Check out the rest of our ‘All-You-Can-Jet’ photos and order prints in the on-line store.

Next Stop: Denver!

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‘All-You-Can-Jet’ Launch Party and New York, New York – Day 2

After trekking back from Keuka Lake to Buffalo, NY – We finished our preparations and packed up for our ‘All-You-Can-Jet’ adventure.  We caught a 5:30am ride to BUF and arrived at JFK by 8:00am.

Getting ready for our first flight of AYCJ 2010

Sunrise from 13C

I caught up with Morgan Johnston, Greg Krause, and Matt McCall; friends from last years project.

Greg Krause and I at T5

Morgan tweeting from the Official @jetblue ipad ft. Matt McCall

JetBlue threw a nice party in T-5, with plenty of sweet #AYCJ shwag for all the jetters in attendance. Dunkin Donuts provided free coffee and donuts for people to socialize over. The New York Jets ‘Flight Crew’ also stopped by to entertain the masses and provide some excellent photo ops.

Jets' Flight Crew and Team

Marty St. George stirred up the party when he announced a new plane in the jetBlue fleet named “All-Blue-Can-Jet” which features a new livery design.

'All-Blue-Can-Jet' - N531JL

JetBlue's New Livery on N531JL - 'All-Blue-Can-Jet'

After catching up on some e-mail and developing some quick bug fixes for Amber and I parted with our #AYCJ friends and headed for Meg’s house in Brooklyn/Queens.

Working in T5

At the t-5 taxi terminal, our driver ended up in a screaming match with the Port Authority officer.  The confrontation was resolved quickly as our driver sped off screaming obscenities with us in the back preparing for the worse.  However, our travelers luck held strong and we made it to Queens without further incident.

Taxis at T5

We hung out on a stoop in  Ridgewood/Bushwick waiting for Meg to show up.  Then we took a nap and prepared for this evenings festivities.  Catching up with old friends and trying to sneak in a photo shoot if I can find a model and the time.

Houses in Queensbridge

Chillin on the stoop in Bushwick

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