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How do we work together?

If you’re the right fit, here’s our action plan for getting you funded.


Laying the groundwork

Nothing great can be built on a weak foundation. Lean canvases, financial models, pitch decks – all of the standard stuff, but refined by my network of advisors. During this phase, we’ll work together intensively to scrupulously revise, strengthen and ultimately perfect your basic deliverables.

Developing your strategy

We’ll pull the top fundraising tools and techniques from the most successful start-ups that I’ve worked with, and tailor a strategy suited to your start-up’s goals. Once your roadmap is established, we’ll coach you through pitching and presenting so you can go in confident, and ready to raise venture capital.



Stepping into action

This is where the prep work pays off. Once we’re confident in your pitch, I’ll introduce you to my network of investors for pitching opportunities. Remember, the pitching process is a fluid one. As feedback and cash flows in, I’ll continue to work closely with you to iterate pitches, and seamlessly answer investor questions until we close your round. Once your round is secured, I’ll help you set up a communications plan with your investors, and ensure your next round is seamless.

Optimizing for long-term growth

As you come into your own as a founder, I’ll offer continual advisement with a more hands-off approach. Advice on strategically deploying your money? I’ve got you covered. As long as our contract is in-tact, I’ll be available to advise and help grow your company.




Come with a basic lean canvas and pitch deck. You should be prepared to speak to the ins and outs of your business, your current financial model, and key insights into your market.

I don’t accept cash from start-ups, because I’d prefer that you spend your money on product development. Instead, advisory services are provided in exchange for an equity deal that vests over a 2-year period.

I’m seeking companies that have a market-validated product, and the potential for a strong brand. Above all – I want to work with good humans; founders who truly believe in their company, and who demonstrate resilience and kindness. If this matches your description, and you think you can build a company with at least $10 million in revenue by its fifth year, I hope you’ll apply.

Due to the intensity of the mentorship program, I’m only advising up to two companies at once, and will only seek new clients once one of the two contracts has ended.

Throughout the course of my career, over $10 million in funding for start-ups, from pre-seed to Series A stages.



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