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Grind your beans too little, their coarseness will leave your coffee under extracted (sour, acidic). Grind too much, over extracted (bitter, hollow). The same thing happens in life. If we seek the perfect grind, we get work done – but feel good about it. Extracting the best flavors.

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Greasing The Groove: How To Make It Work For You

Greasing the Groove (GtG) is doing the same exercise frequently, with every set performed without going to muscular fatigue. Instead of lifting heavy, you lift light and do more sets.

Gaining strength without soreness increases your likelihood of sticking with your workout habit.

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Hades - Game Cover Art featuring Zagreus

Hades is a roguelike game. You are Zagreus, immortal son of Hades. Your quest: escape from the underworld. When you die — again, and again, and again. Death is a mere inconvenience for you. You return to your room in Hades’ palace to reflect in the Mirror of Night then start anew. Aided by the gods of Olympus, you collect treasures that make future escape attempts more successful.

Regarded as 2020’s Game of the Year, you will love the grind.

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James Clear on Atomic Habits

Every action you take is a vote for the kind of person you want to become. If you can master the right actions; you can cast votes for this new identity. The person you desire to be!

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NfX is a fount of information on technology and startups. Great articles, a well curated podcast, and a venture marketplace for matching Founders with Investors.

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Dethklok: The Dethalbum - Cover Art

The Dethalbum by Metalocalypse: Dethklok

If you need to go heads down to decimate a deadline. Enjoy the driving beats, excellent guitar work, and ironic-absurdist lyrics of an animated band (that occasionally tours).

💞☕In Conclusion:

In video games, you’re often confronted by enemies that seem insurmountable at first encounter.

But through the game loop, you acquire more strength, better weapons, stronger defense. You gain more mechanical skill and pattern recognition as a player.

Pretty soon, the tables turn – you’re able to “one-hit” that previously unbeatable foe.

Your reward is soon received. You’re quickly dispatched by a new boss that has an order of magnitude more power than the last one.

The cycle begins anew.

This happens in all areas of your life. You may not have consciously recognized it. But the problems that thwarted you as a teenager are mere background noise as a functional adult.

Embrace the grind and keep leveling up.

With Kindness and Respect,

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