➡✉FORWARD: Have you broken your New Year’s resolution?

🚫🙈 TL;DR:

2021 appears to be off to a rough start. How will you make it the best year of your life? Consistent incremental improvements and by simply beginning again.

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Kaizen: The Power Of Incremental Improvement

Consistent incremental improvement will change your life.

Math Geeks: 1.01^365 = 37.8

Bonus Read: Ed Tierney replied to my comments on Time Distortion in the last FORWARD with this very educational article from Reuter: Why Time Feels so Weird in 2020

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The Complete Guide to Time Blocking

“A 40 hour time-blocked work week, I estimate, produces the same amount of output as a 60+ hour work week pursued without structure.” – Cal Newport, Author of Deep Work

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Simply Begin Again – The secret to long term success. Forgive yourself and start over. You are human, you are fallible, but you can refuse to quit.

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Painting of Fred Wilson

Fred Wilson’s Blog – AVC.com
I’ve been reading Fred’s blog since 2014 when I was founding Heads Up Display. I was googling “What’s a VC?” and his blog was the top result. 😝  

The 3 letter domain name certifies that he’s an early adopter. So enjoy his thoughts on the future of technology and startups.  

Less interested in tech? Check out Wilson’s MBA Monday archives. 

(Bonus Link: Paul Graham’s Essays – another archive of a prominent VC’s wisdom) 

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Presence by Ty Burhoe, Bill Douglas and Amy Ippoliti

My favorite song that the downdog algorithm plays during śavāsana. You don’t have to be in Corpse Pose to enjoy it, but I wont blame you if you stop reading and assume the position.

In case you want to sing along, here are the lyrics:

ॐ नमः शिवय गुरवे

सचिदननद मुतयै

निसपपचय शनतय

निरलमबय तेजसे

🎉🎇 In Conclusion:

I spent the last 2 weeks reflecting on 2020. The year consisted of a lot of forced change, challenging me to assess my needs and my wants. Showing me how little control I actually have over my life.

My take away from 2020?

Consistent incremental improvement unlocks life goals.

You might want to do the research, to plan, to wait for the perfect time. Instead I encourage you to: Just start.

Commit to putting in 15 minutes of work today. Then do 15 minutes of work tomorrow. Keep showing up, again, and again. Until one day you’re there.

I set my 2021 goals, I started the work.

Then this week happened.

Civil Unrest in the capital, a culture war cleared hot.

I broke my resolutions about food (“Honey, lets order a pizza.”), drink (“Do we have any beer?”), and fitness (“Why is my knee clicking?”).

So tonight I forgive myself and tomorrow — I simply begin again.

With Kindness and Respect,

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