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This week I introduce you to my biggest mentors, Grove, Dalio, and Ferriss. We’ll also explore the works of J. Cole and Alex Grey. Last but not least, we meet the man who survived The Snappening!

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👑🤘 Must Survive:

After many weeks of split tests, a choose-your-own-adventure, and RNG guessing games. David Bachowski emerged as the sole survivor of “The Snappening”. Click his name to get introduced. Welcome home, David! Enjoy his autobiography.

David Bachowski's Headshot

David Bachowski is a habitual line-crosser. Sometimes funny, sometimes wincingly painful, sometimes just corny. He’s crossed organizational lines, state lines, international lines, emotional lines, and career lines. In general he tries to make the world a happier, less serious place. He just moved back to Buffalo after spending some years in some big cities. He’s excited to get back into the startup/tech community in a safe, socially distant manner.

🥚🥓 Must Read:

Cover of Andy Grove's High Output Management

High Output Management is a legendary business book. A synthesis of Andy Grove’s experiences building and leading Intel. This well worn book has a permeant place on my bookshelf. I reference it at least once a quarter. The explanations are simple, poignant, and timeless. After the first few chapters, you will never look at breakfast the same way again.

🙅‍♀️🙊 Must Try:

Don’t volunteer information. Information asymmetry is a huge strategic advantage in negotiation, defense, and life.

Make simple and concise statements and then getting comfortable with silence.

💱🍿 Must Watch: (30 min)

You’ll learn more in Ray Dalio’s video “How The Economic Machine Works” than I did in two years of B-School. Like many specialties, Economics can feel intimidating to outsiders due its vocabulary. This simple video describes the words and market forces that impact us daily.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🎧 Must Listen: (4 minutes)


J. Cole is a mentor and mentee wedged in between two generations of successful artists. MIDDLE CHILD has been in my heavy rotation playlist for the past few months. I hope you enjoy!

💕🌌 Must See: (1 min)

The most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received was a surprise from my wife on our wedding day. A signed print of “Love is Cosmic” by Alex Grey. Despite her more traditional leanings, she embraced my appreciation for psychonaut artwork. Understanding that the painting would live on our walls for the duration of our marriage.

What more can you ask for than acceptance, as you are, from the ones you love?

💲📈 Must Subscribe: (2 hours)


If you’ve never heard Tim Ferriss’s podcast, I assume that you don’t listen to podcasts. His episodes have over 500MM downloads. His reputation grants him access to top performing humans from around the world. I’m thankful for the impact his work has had on my life. Give it a listen, I recommend his episode with Jamie Foxx and Hugh Jackson.

🦃 Closing Gratitude:

This week I made my 500th introduction in the past 6 months. This milestone made me reflect on how thankful I am for you.

You’re part of a large community of people who help to lift each other up. I don’t know how many get to experience this level of mutual support, but I am grateful to be one of them.

I hope you have a wonderful week. Take a moment to appreciate the good in the world.

Reply and let me know what you’re currently thankful for.

With kindness and respect,


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