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Orange County Choppers – Schneider Electric Hybrid Motorcycle

I had the pleasure of photographing the first hybrid motorcycle to come from Orange County Choppers.  It was developed in a joint-venture with Schneider Electric’s engineers.  It’s pretty sweet looking machine.  Saddle bags full of batteries from APC, a biometric thumb print ignition control, full-automatic transmission, and enough LEDs to give it a consistent green glow from end to end.

(I would have given my entire kingdom for a better backdrop, not to self: “Always Bring Muslin and Stand to Future Shoots)

OCC-Hybrid Motorcycle

Saddle Bags Containing LI-Ion Battery Packs

LI-Ion Power Pack Close - Up

Starboard Side of Bike

Rear Fender with Reverse Camera

Port Side of OCC - Hybrid Bike

Detail Shot of Port Side of OCC - Hybrid Motorcycle

Detail Shot of Port Side of OCC - Hybrid Motorcycle

Biometric Thumb Print Ignition

On Fuel Tank Touch Screen Display

Orange County Choppers - Hybrid Bike - Front

More Images are Available Here.

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Posted: June 29th, 2010
Categories: Event Photographer
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