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Social Media Day in Buffalo, NY Photos – #smdayBUF #smday

Overhead shot of #smdayBUF at Merge

Social Media Day in Buffalo was a huge success! It was planned over the course of 9 Days by @skunkworks716 (Keith), @KatieKraw (Katie), @TonyCityLove (Tony), @Wingalls (Will), @BlockClub (Patrick and Brandon), @djLoPro (Loren), and @arampino (Amber). Hosted at @MergeBuffalo, over 200 people attended the event. I was asked to document the event, below are some of my favorite images and since it’s #FF – I’m posting the twitter names of anyone I know in the image.

Social Media Day Buffalo - Group Shot
(L to R: @NPeracciny, @arampino, @thestip, @JonesRG)

@VeganJesus at #smdayBUF


Group shot at #smdayBUF

( L to R: @KatieKraw, @aardrian, @susanlynncope, @skunkworks716, @dangigante)

@ChazAdams giving @VeganJesus Bunny Ears #smdayBUF

(Front: @VeganJesus, @SusanLynnCope)
(Back: @ChazAdams, @arampino)

DJ LoPro at #smdayBUF


@wnymedia and @buffalogal at #smdayBUF

(L to R: @wnymedia, @buffalogal)

@charlieriley and @buffaloniagara at #smdayBUF

(L to R: @charlieriley, @buffaloniagara)

If you’d like to see more images or order prints from the #smdayBUF event, they are available in the #smdayBUF gallery of my on-line store.

I am also available to cover private and corporate events.  Please feel free to contact me to request a proposal.

Tell us about your #smdayBUF experiences in the comments!

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Orange County Choppers – Schneider Electric Hybrid Motorcycle

I had the pleasure of photographing the first hybrid motorcycle to come from Orange County Choppers.  It was developed in a joint-venture with Schneider Electric’s engineers.  It’s pretty sweet looking machine.  Saddle bags full of batteries from APC, a biometric thumb print ignition control, full-automatic transmission, and enough LEDs to give it a consistent green glow from end to end.

(I would have given my entire kingdom for a better backdrop, not to self: “Always Bring Muslin and Stand to Future Shoots)

OCC-Hybrid Motorcycle

Saddle Bags Containing LI-Ion Battery Packs

LI-Ion Power Pack Close - Up

Starboard Side of Bike

Rear Fender with Reverse Camera

Port Side of OCC - Hybrid Bike

Detail Shot of Port Side of OCC - Hybrid Motorcycle

Detail Shot of Port Side of OCC - Hybrid Motorcycle

Biometric Thumb Print Ignition

On Fuel Tank Touch Screen Display

Orange County Choppers - Hybrid Bike - Front

More Images are Available Here.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think of the Bike!

Posted: June 29th, 2010
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Obama Visits Buffalo, NY

I was lucky enough to be invited to be part of the White House Press Pool by my friends over at President Obama was visiting Buffalo, NY on his “Main Street Tour”, Air Force One was landing at Buffalo Niagara International Airport and they needed a photographer on the scene.

The day went like this:

  • Wake up at 6:45am – Double Check My Gear
  • Out the door by 8:00am – Susan drives me to the airport
  • 8:15am – Find out I’m on the wrong side of the airport
  • 8:45am – Get to the right location
  • Wait…
  • 9:30am – Take a Shuttle to the location of the Photo Op.
  • 9:45am – Drop off gear on the Flatbed truck that will act as the “Press Box” for the disembarking from Air Force One.
  • 10:15am – Take shuttle back to “Holding Pen” leaving gear behind to be rummaged through by the Secret Service and their Dogs.
  • Wait…
  • Wait…
  • Wait…
  • 11:30am – Get Official Clearance and Nifty “White House Press Pool” Badge
  • 11:45am – Ride back out to Flatbed Truck – Re-assemble gear
  • Wait…
  • Wait…
  • Wait..
  • 12:20am Official Wheels Down Time… no Air Force One in sight…
  • Wait…
  • Wait…
  • “Shit, it’s raining”
  • Take photos of Air Force One Landing
  • Shoot Burst Mode on two camera bodies (one wide angle lens, one 200mm Zoom) as President Obama jogs down stairs.
  • Shoot in Burst Mode as President Obama shakes Byron Brown’s (Mayor of Buffalo,  NY) hand.
  • Take pictures of Motorcade as it drives 100 yards and stops for another meeting.
  • Wait…
  • Wait…
  • Wait…
  • 1:30pm – Take shuttle back to garage; leave to go home and post images.

So… was it worth it?  The President never came within 150 feet of the media or the crowd, I got a couple shots from the same angles that they’ve been taken from 1,000 times before.  But at least I get to say that “I’ve photographed the president”.  Here are a few images from the day.

View photos at SmugMug

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